Crickett 22 WMR Rifles

Crickett .22WMR Rifle Specifications

  • Caliber: .22 WMR Only
  • Action: Manually cocking single-shot bolt action made from Alloy Nickle Plated Steel
  • Trigger Pull: 2 1/2 - 3lbs. (approx.)
  • Safety: Rebounding firing pin automatically blocked to prevent accidental discharge.
  • Length Of Pull: 12"
  • Sights: Standard with Iron Sights
  • Barrel Length: 16 1/8".
  • Barrel Diameter: 1/2"
  • Overall Length: 30 1/2"
  • Weight: 3 lbs.(approx.)
  • Lock: Available with or without an Internal Safety Lock (Excludes Adult Models)
  • All Crickett rifles are held together by "1" take down screw that is located on the underside of the stock near the trigger guard.  This is the only screw that hold the stock onto the barreled action.  If you notice a hole near the forend of the stock, please see note below.



KSA281 .22WMR Muddy Girl Synthetic Blued
KSA291 .22WMR Muddy Girl Synthetic Stainless Steel


KSA282 .22WMR Mossy Oak Pink Blaze Synthetic Blued
KSA292 .22WMR Mossy Oak Pink Blaze Synthetic Stainless Steel

KSA283 .22WMR Mossy Oak Duck Blind Synthetic Blued
KSA293 .22WMR Mossy Oak Duck Blind Synthetic Stainless Steel

KSA284 .22WMR Mossy Oak Break Up Synthetic Blued
KSA294 .22WMR Mossy Oak Break Up Synthetic Stainless Steel

KSA320 .22WMR Pink Synthetic Blued
KSA420 .22WMR Pink Synthetic Stainless Steel


KSA335 .22WMR Desert Tan Synthetic Blued
KSA435 .22WMR Desert Tan Synthetic Stainless Steel


KSA280 .22WMR Black Synthetic Blued
KSA295 .22WMR Black Synthetic Stainless Steel




KSA322 .22WMR Blue Laminate Blued
KSA422 .22WMR Blue Laminate Stainless Steel


KSA325 .22WMR Pink Laminate Blued
KSA425 .22WMR Pink Laminate Stainless Steel

KSA327 .22WMR Purple Laminate Blued
KSA427 .22WMR Purple Laminate Stainless Steel


KSA331 .22WMR Orange & Black Laminate Blued
KSA431 .22WMR Orange & Black Laminate Stainless Steel


KSA352 .22WMR Camo Laminate Blued
KSA452 .22WMR Camo Laminate Stainless Steel

KSA353 .22MWR Red, White & Blued Laminate Blued
KSA453 .22WMR Red, White & Blued Laminate Stainless Steel


KSA355 .22WMR Brown Laminate Blued
KSA455 .22WMR Brown Laminate Stainless Steel


KSA370 .22WMR Black Laminate Blued
KSA470 .22WMR Black Laminate Stainless Steel



KSA338 .22WMR Walnut Blued
KSA438 .22WMR Walnut Stainless Steel

KSA339 .22WMR Beech Walnut Blued
KSA439 .22WMR Beech Walnut Stainless Steel


Adult - Come with Plastic Adult Trigger Guards

KSA399 .22WMR ADULT Pink Laminate Blued
KSA499 .22WMR ADULT Pink Laminate Stainless Steel

Not Available with the Internal Safety Lock

KSA400 .22WMR ADULT Walnut Blued
KSA500 .22WMR ADULT Walnut Stainless Steel

Not Available with the Internal Safety Lock